WM | Quartis R2022-1 is now available

January 19th, 2022 - The new WM | Quartis R2022-1 offers a wide range of improvements for special applications and areas of use.

 WM Quartis

You can benefit amongst others from the following innovations:

  • Successfully tested with Windows 11
  • Evaluate position tolerance with pattern tolerance3D Wuerfel new
  • Extract and evaluate points and hexagons from point clouds
  • Various improvements in optical measurement and evaluation
  • Nikon laser scanners L100, LC15Dx, XC65Dx and XC65Dx-LS supported
  • Generate programs from WM | Generator inspection plan file
  • Improvements in the measurement of curves
  • Enhanced rotary table functionality, especially for gear measuring devices
  • Performance improvement when processing statistical data
  • Performance improvement when running REVO measuring programs
  • New and adapted CAD interfaces

WM | Quartis R2022-1 documents at a glance

pdfImprovements WM | Quartis R2022-1
pdfProducts and Modules WM | Quartis R2022-1
pdfSystem Requirements WM | Quartis R2022-1