WENZEL invests in Renewable Energies

December 2nd, 2019  - Photovoltaic output at WENZEL increased by 800%.

Photovoltaic system at WENZELThe construction work for the new photovoltaic systems at WENZEL has started. New photovoltaic systems with a total output of 200 kWp will be installed on the roofs of both plants in the next few weeks. WENZEL is thus increasing its photovoltaic output, which has been used since 2008, by 800%.
Photovoltaic is the direct conversion of light energy, mostly from sunlight, into electrical energy by means of solar cells. At WENZEL the new photovoltaic systems contribute significantly to the power supply. The estimated total yield is approx. 158 MWh per year. This corresponds, for example, to the energy content of over 14,000 litres of heating oil or the average electricity consumption of 50 German households for a whole year.